[Video] Multiple Users Report iPhone 6 bending in Pockets!

As Apple on Monday (September 22, 2014) announced sales of 10 million units of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus globally, many iPhone 6 Plus users are known to be reporting on accidental bending of the handset in the front pocket.

A report on NDTV states that multiple online reports have surfaced on the issue, with now a YouTube video available for the ‘bend test’.

iphone 6 bending

Many iPhone 6 Plus users claimed that phone bent beyond repair, while other reports have suggested that it may not be related to manufacturing problems of iPhone 6 Plus, but even many other Android and Apple phones had the same issue.

A channel on YouTube, Unbox Therapy, has apparently done the ‘bend test’ for a video. A bend is seen on the model used, and the reviewer does point that the bend is more likely to be around the volume rocker, which seems the weakest point.

For now, Apple has not made a statement on the bent iPhone 6 plus issue. Also, the bent iPhone models will not be replaced for free.

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The newly launched the iPhone 6 Plus is a slim7.1mm-thick model that is built of aluminium and glass with a display of 5.5-inch. If the bending issue turns out to be a genuine, Apple certainly has made some mistakes in choosing the metal.

iPhone 6 bend test:

In the same line, the Galaxy Note phablet series from Samsung has been designed sans plastic, while LG’s G Flex is designed to regain shape.

Unbox Therapy also did another video for ‘bend test’ on 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3, where the phone did flex but could get back its shape.

Apple’s reaction is awaited, while iPhone 6 Plus users may have a reason to care for the new device better.

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