Video: Shahrukh Khan builds 8-pack abs for ‘Happy New Year’

The king of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan has come up with an answer to Hritik Roshan’s BangBangDare challenge. Hritik Roshan was tossing dares at his friends and peers in the industry and also challenged Shahrukh Khan for showing his way to make the abs.

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So the King Khan has uploaded his video where he showed his hard work for building 10-pack abs.

The heaving 10 pack abs of the 48-year old superstar is complimenting the bulgy biceps and triceps. His appearance for Happy New Year is unshakable and impressing which will surely get the fans crazy for him more than ever.

This achievement was not just ‘hard’ but much more than that.
The tweet made by Hritik Roshan as part of bangbangdare, goes like: show us a pic doing ur fav ab exercise!all want 2 know which 1 it is! U hv 3 days! Qabool?

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Shah Rukh Khan builds his 8 pack:

The challenge was duly accepted by Shahrukh Khan who has uploaded a mind blowing video showing off his hard work. Hritik Roshan asked for a picture, but the king has answered with a complete video of his laborious workout.

The challenge is also accepted by the dynamic actress Priyanka Chopra who did handstand push-ups.

In the video, Farah Khan can be seen motivating Shahrukh Khan. Khan’s reply to Hritik Roshan in the form of the tweet goes like: my fav ab workout is to do all exercises. A dirty gym/ Prashant 2 help & Farah to scream.

The video is a proof that the whole story of Shahrukh Khan’s abs is completely real.

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