‘Bigg Boss 8’ heats up: Photos from inside the house

'Bigg Boss 8' heats up: Photos from inside the house

With tasks getting tougher, inmates of Bigg Boss 8 are already up to the drama as expected. On the second day, there were quite a few dull moments for contestants of ‘Flight BB08’.

The ‘Secret Society’ chose two passengers Upen Patel and Gautam Gulati to stay awake the full night to complete the second task.

Bigg Boss 8 images from inside the house


‘Bigg Boss 8’ inside house photo gallery:

Firstly in the morning, the inmates found the water had been cut, and they were informed about the next task, which required two of them to cycle as fast as they can to get the water back.

In no time, Upen Patel made a snappy reaction that got actor and inmate Sukirti Kandpal to tears. It’s just been two days of the show, and already the first breakdown comes from the house.

The Secret Society, later on, Day 2, decided to test the passengers and inmates more, and they ask two of the contestants to leave their food as the next task.

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Bigg Boss 8 images from inside house
Later on, two more inmates had to be struck in the task of sacrificing freedom of movement, and sadly, Diandra Soares and Sushant Digvikar had to bear the efforts. Covered in mud, the duo had to stand in a Michael Jackson pose with their hands in the air.

All four tasks went all okay on the second day, despite Kandpal’s tear-jerking moment.

The eighth season of Bigg Boss started with a bang with host Salman Khan entertaining the audiences. It remains to be seen how the next few episodes turn up.

Diandra Soares Bigg Boss 8

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