98 million CAPITAL One customers urged to check if they are eligible for cash as part of a $190M settlement

According to CNET, consumers have until tomorrow to apply for their share of the cash.

 One hundred million Capital One customer accounts and credit card applications were hacked in 2019, with the private data of many compromised across the U.S.

The bank settled to a $ 190million compensation in December after a class-action suit was filed.

Approximately a 98million Americans are eligible.

4th Stimulus check (1)“Likely member(s) of the Settlement Class” have already been contacted, according to the bank.

If found eligible, customers can file a claim for a reimbursement of $25,000 for time and costs to correct any fraud resulting from the breach.

Identity Defense Services via the Pango Group may also be accessible for identity theft victims.

Applicants must ensure their Unique ID and PIN are included in the Capital One notice.

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Amazon was hosting the bank’s web services at the time of the breach.

While they deny any fault, co-defendants Amazon and Capital One reached the multi-million dollar settlement last December.

The U.S. Federal Court approved it in February 2022.

Hacker Paige A. Thompson, a former tech worker from Seattle, was arrested when the bank exposed her activity to the FBI, The Hill reported.

Thompson created a tool to scam Amazon Web Services and troll the accounts for information.

The U.S. Department of Justice claimed she posted her crime hack on GitHub.

Early in 2022, she was convicted of computer intrusions and wire fraud.

To check for eligibility in the lawsuit, call 1-855-604-1811.

Anybody who elected to opt out of the payment does not qualify.

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