Is Patrick Schwarzenegger dating Miley Cyrus?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the iron man in Hollywood was once the hottest talking topic in the International Film Circuit.

He was always cornered by gossips, and this had literally enhanced his popularity in all corners of the world.

Miley Cyrus dating

Now, his son Patrick Schwarzenegger is following his dad’s path, and if reports are true, he is currently romancing with Miley Cyrus, renowned singer and actress.

Miley Cyrus was seen leaving Patrick’s house, and this has enhanced the heat of this romance story. International Online Web Media reported that Miley and Patrick spent more than three hours in Patrick’s residence, and it is nothing but the trigger of an intimate relationship.

During the time of meeting, Miley Cyrus was seen wearing a black long sleeved shirt, and it has the picture of a Mickey Mouse in the front, along with a denim shorts and black tights. On the other hand, Patrick was seen wearing a grey shirt and dark colored sweat pants.

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Miley Cyrus dating Patrick Schwarzenegger

Patrick was seen in a very stylish look, and he sported a scruffy beard and moustache. Miley Cyrus came out from the house of Patrick with a bit smile on her face.

Then, Patrick came out, and he was seen drinking a bottle of water. These visuals were enough and more for media personals to hastily conclude that both of them are in love.

Patrick, the 21 year old young hunk is now slowly trying to fix his spot in the Film World. The actor is now awaiting the release of his movies, ‘Dear Eleanor’ and ‘Scouts VS Zombies’.