5 Important Relationship Predictions From Astrology

5 Important Relationship Predictions From Astrology

Relationships flow away and retract like water. Every instant of life is filled with pure delight when there is a high tide in the bodies of water like the ocean, along with peace, prosperity, and laughter.

But consider what occurs when these bodies of water experience a low tide or even a hurricane; in that case, you should use some of the much-needed consultations with a highly qualified, experienced, and genuine astrologer, as nothing else can save a relationship more effectively than Vedic astrology prediction knowledge.

5 Important Relationship Predictions From Astrology

An astrologer can use the birth charts’ lunar energies to forecast a loving relationship’s possible ups and downs. Here are the top 5 astrological methods for assessing a pair of person’s fit in a relationship.

1. Whether or not your planets are in alignment

The astrologer will typically do synastry first. This is a straightforward comparison of the positions of the planets in your chart and those in theirs.

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Your connection strength and the areas of your life where you connect the most can be determined by how certain planets align.

2. How important is your partnership to you?

“Harmony” is what the astrologer will consider. The term “twelfth harmonic” refers to the astrologer’s consideration of anything in each chart that aspects another by 30 degrees, for instance, because 360 is divided by 12 to produce 30 degrees.

Each harmonic displays specific information; the greater the number of points in one chart where the other person has a planet in the same position as them or at an essential angle to them, the more significant the encounter and the relationship are in that person’s life.

Relationship Predictions

3. When people get along

A “composite,” or blending your two charts into one, is what the astrologer does.

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The most typical approach is to measure the distance between the midpoints of the two Suns, the two Moons, the two Venuses, etc.

The astrologer then compares that single chart with each individual’s natal chart.

The composite explains how well you’re likely to get along, what aspects of your relationship will be straightforward, and where problems could arise.

The composite chart only exists in principle; it is not an “actual” chart. Some astrologers believe it is incorrect to use it in predicting astrology since the astrologer needs to account for certain factors.

4. What is your relationship’s motivation is

The most crucial part is that your astrologer will cast and interpret a Davison.

When the astrologer calculates transits and progressions to the Davison, it indicates the relationship’s purpose and implies the relationship’s future.

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If you have a small amount of money and you want to know why someone experienced a misfortune, ask your astrologer only to cast you a Davison.

5. Where the Lord of the Seventh House is located

In the birth charts of both spouses, the position of the Lord of the Seventh House (House of Marriage) is significant (or couple). Vedic astrology advises against placing the Lord of the Seventh House in the incorrect House or with unfavorable aspects, as is the case with Rahu and Ketu planets. These yogas are frequently referred to as “Grahan Yogas.”

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