GTA Online Players Could Earn $2 Million IF They Complete Heists Event

GTA Online Players Could Earn $2 Million IF They Complete Heists Event


GTA Online Players could win $2,000,000 as a reward if they complete the Heists event this month.

A famous leaker, who goes by the Twitter handle @TezFun2, had earlier stated that the Heists Events would return on November 3. This prediction turned out to be accurate; now, players have three weeks to get done with these challenges. Once they do, they stand a chance to earn millions.

The Heists Event could prove to be a lucrative experience for players if they play their cards well. The one thing they need to make sure of is that they have all the necessary tools and resources that are required to participate in this event. This event is open to all, regardless of whether they are followers or leaders. The only criterion is that it should be completed in three weeks.

Till November 24, GTA Online players have the time to complete the challenge and earn a reward of $2,000,000. On its official website, Rockstar Games has confirmed the details of the game. At the moment, the game features eight heist finales.

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Before starting the event, GTA Online players should spend some time being a part of setup missions. The eight heist finales are Fleece Job, Pacific Standard Job, Prison Break, Series – Funding, Humane Labs Raid, Diamond Casino Heist, Doomsday Heist, and CayoPerico Heist.

Apart from the current incentives, GTA+ members can also earn monthly bonuses. Some finale events like the Fleece Job offer players the opportunity to earn higher rewards. If you wish to start a heist quickly, you should use the ‘Quick Job’ menu. Before you are given a new job, you have to wait in the queue for some time.

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