Gujarat’s Rajkot among 40 global cities to cut carbon emissions

Rajkot from India is now a case study at the global level for reduction of carbon emissions, reports said.

A United States based organization, World Resources Institute, has said that the solar city of Gujarat will be able to reduce carbon dioxides emissions by 14% by 2016.

Gujarat’s Rajkot carbon emmission

The new announcement came on Monday, i.e. December 8, when WRI launched the very first Global standard that will be measure the greenhouse gas emission from different cities across different countries.

Rajkot was selected in the year 2011 as a part of the C40 Cities network and had adopted the “Global Protocol for Community-scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (GPC).”

Apart from Rajkot, other cities that were adopted as the pilot cities included Rio De Janeiro, Johannesburg, Guangdong and Wellington.

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A Times of India report quoted the officer on special duty (OSD), Alpna Mitra, at Rajkot Municipal Corporation, who said that concrete results are expected by 2016.

The civic body will be made more eco-friendly, and the two offices of RMC of the three are running on solar power, she added and said that the public parks already run on solar lights and other buildings will be on the same line.

Rajkot is also the first city in Gujarat that has made it mandatory for the high rises to install solar heaters for getting BU permission.

The RMC also offers an incentive of tax rebate for one time as a part of the plan.

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