AAJ Tak News live: More than 130 Pakistani children shot dead by Taliban militants

In yet another inhuman attack by terrorists in Pakistan, Taliban gunmen stormed into an army-run school in Peshawar and killed more than 132 people, most of them school children.

According to eyewitnesses, there was a huge blast in the school at 10:30 a.m. and around 5-6 heavily armed gunmen entered into each and every classroom and started shooting innocent children.

The militants were in military uniform. During the attack there were more than 500 students and teachers in the school premises.

Reportedly, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack. In a statement there spokesperson said that it was a revenge against the Pakistan army for attacking the Taliban.

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A spokesperson of the TTF was quoted as saying, “They include target killers and suicide attackers. They have been ordered to shoot the older students but not the children”.

“This attack is a response to Zarb-e-Azab and the killing of Taliban fighters and harassing their families.”

The Pakistan’s military is engaged in a fierce gun battle with the militants since the last six hours and a massive “rescue operation” has been launched.

According to NDTV.com, “Doctors said most injured have been shot in head. The hospital has reported a shortage of blood and has sought blood donations urgently.”

At the school, heavy gunfire and at least two blasts were reportedly heard from inside the school. Helicopters swooped overhead and a fleet of ambulances ferried wounded children to hospital.”

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The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the massacre in strongest of terms, he said in a statement issued by the PMO, “It is a senseless act of unspeakable brutality that has claimed lives of the most innocent of human beings – young children in their school.

“My heart goes out to everyone who lost their loved ones today. We share their pain and offer our deepest condolences,” the Prime Minister said in a statement.”

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