Sony hackers threaten 9/11 style attack during ‘The Interview’ premiere

The much expected New York premier of ‘The Interview’ has been canceled due to the threat of the same hacker group which attacked the official website of ‘Sony Entertainment’.

sony hack

The movie depicts a fictional assassination attempt on North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, and this has evoked the sentiments of a group which calls itself ‘Guardians of Peace’.

The group warned the US people that they will be placing themselves in danger if they book the tickets for ‘The Interview’.

The email message hinted that people who see the movie in theaters will be inviting ‘bitter fate’, and in all probabilities, United States of America will witness another attack which resemble the 9/11.

The films Los Angeles premiere was done last week without any issues.

sony hackers

Sony Pictures have taken a diplomatic stand in this issue. In a recently issued statement, they said that it is the decision of picturehouse owners to decide about the screening of the film.

They also added that the studio wishes to proceed with the already planned release of the movie.

‘The Interview’ is touted to be an Action Comedy film, and it is directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. The movie showcases the story of two celebrity journalists who are being assigned to assassinate the North Korean dictator during the time of an Interview.

On the other hand, FBI is looking to this issue in a very serious manner. As per the FBI spokeswoman, the agency is quite keen to find the culprits behind the Sony attack.

Watch “The Interview” Trailer video:

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