Binary thinking in betting

binary thinking

What is Binary thinking?

In any area of our life, we are faced with a choice, and most often a choice of several options. We also encounter this in betting. And so, what exactly is binary thinking? This is the division of the available information into two opposite options.

For example, a player found a match with two teams, one of which is an outsider, and the other is a clear favorite. Naturally, already at this stage we can understand to whom a person will give his preference. But what happens if you make a bet with a handicap on an outsider team? The odds on the favorite are small. According to binary thinking, the bettor switched to a weak team. In this case, the choice is between choice and common sense.

So, we can actively use the principle of binary in everyday life: buy this thing now or save? Do any business tomorrow or today? Similarly, in betting, we resort to this: stop or bet again? Raise the bank or leave it the same?

Binary thinking is most often used to make instant decisions. And most frequently the answer to the question will be: yes or no.

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The bias of the binary principle

Let’s look at what we talked about above. If you have come to make a decision quickly based on this thinking, it may not always guarantee a win. Quite typically we say that every bettor should have a strategy and logic.

Here are a few more factors of binary thinking bias:

  • Inaccuracy. Still, it is easier to think about the winning of the favorite team than to expect it from a weak team, as we mentioned earlier. Sports, and indeed any betting is unpredictable. In this case, it is better to trust a proven algorithm, if it really gives a result.
  • Constantly using the principle of binary, you can only get hung up on assumptions. As we already know, analysis and probability search are one of the most key moments of betting. The initial and final theories are based on assumptions. They will lead to a choice in the future.

But it is impossible to constantly think from the position of whether the bid will go in or not. It is necessary to take into account many indicators in the aggregate.

  • One-sidedness. There are forecasts for a strong team, the player likes it – so nothing prevents him from putting. The bettor will not be interested in other options and nuances.
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Binary thinking can definitely help you constantly both in life and in betting. But it, like any approach, has disadvantages. Due to the constant decision-making of two options, your knowledge may not go further. If you use the same instructions all the time during the game, then the game will get boring.

Improve your skill in the game, exchange experience with colleagues, discover new opportunities and in any case try to develop!

Tips for beginners

Follow the sport. And it is better to choose one specific type and carefully watch and analyze the matches. Or one league, remember, the narrower your profile, the more chances you have to beat the bookmaker.

Select the best bookmaker for you. Getting bonuses for registration is also an essential condition when you select a bookmaker. The legal bookmaker 1xBet gives all beginners a welcome bonus 1xbet for registration. A successful player uses bonuses and various promotions to increase his bank account.

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Take into account several opinions, isolate the main thing, and place bets based on your own and expert opinion. The last word is always yours, think and make a decision on your own, not counting on others.

Allocate a separate amount for betting, which it will not be a pity to lose. Betting is entertainment, and you have to pay for any entertainment. The bank is the fee. We recommend betting no more than 10% on each bet.

Do not rush to recoup after losing. This is part of the game, analyze the bets, perhaps you are worse at betting on a certain sport, championship, team. In any case, do not increase the bet amount!

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