Sony Pictures threatens to sue Twitter over hack tweets

The attack on Sony Picture’s official website has been the hottest talking topic in the corner for the past two weeks. Several official emails along with the initial script of James Bond movie,

Sony Pictures threatens to sue Twitter over hack tweets

‘Spectre’ was leaked as a result of this attack, and it has literally defamed the reputation of the studio. The recent news from the corner is regarding a possible law suit which will be filed against Twitter by Sony.

As per reports, Sony Pictures may file a lawsuit against Twitter if it does not ban the accounts which keeps posting the internal mails which have been leaked by hackers.

David Boes, the general councel of Sony Pictures have sent a letter to Vijaya Gadde, top Twitter attorney on this regard. Boes warns Twitter that if the stolen information continues to circulate again in Twitter, then Sony will have no choice but to but to hold Twitter responsible for any damage or loss which may arise due to these acts.

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Sony also asked Twitter to suspend an account who goes by the handle @BikiniRobotArmy. @BikiniRobotArmy has allegedly tweeted the screen shots of those hacked emails.

The emails which were leaked contain many confidential and internal communications which happened in the Sony Production House. The desire of Sony’s Chief Amy Pascal to rope Idris Elba as the next James Bond was also revealed through these hacked emails.

Many reports claim that the leaked emails contain negative comments about various film personalities. The details of pay agreement with various actors are also supposed to be lost in this online attack.

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