Dinorunner.net: The game’s creators deserve praise


Every internet user has experienced an internet access loss at least once. This occurs for many reasons, including a malfunctioning mobile network or a damaged internet cable. Whatever the cause, every Google Chrome viewer knows the Dino game rather than a simple blank error page when they have no internet connection. There is no need for an internet connection to play this game.

The game’s creators deserve praise even if it is merely a straightforward runner that is part of the Google Chrome browser. The strange monochromatic aesthetics and simplicity of the game enhance its appeal, and since its release, it has attracted a large international following. Visit https://dinorunner.net/ and start playing the game.

Dino Game: History

The Dino or T-Rex game was first developed in September 2014, but the last revisions weren’t finished until December of that year. The changes made to the Android platform complemented older iterations. One of the game’s creators, Sebastien Gabriel, claims that the Dino Game or T-rex was picked as a playful allusion to “prehistoric eras,” when elevated connectivity wasn’t as common.

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It was also not a random decision to choose the T-rex. The offline (i.e., without internet) Chrome Dino game was also known as “Project Bolan,” after well-known T-Rex singer Mark Bolan. The game’s creators also considered adding a snarl or kick feature for Dino. In the end, these capabilities were dropped to keep the game basic and “prehistoric.”

Dino Game: How To Open the Game?

Simply enter chrome:/dino/ in the address bar to launch the game. There is no need to disconnect because the game will launch even if you are connected to the internet. Chrome is the most popular web browser among internet users. Our website can be useful if you use a separate one. You can use any computer and any gadget, including a desktop pc or even a mobile phone, to enjoy the Dinosaur Game here.

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Tips and Tricks to Play Dino Game

You can raise your score in the game’s normal edition using cheat codes. For instance, you can eliminate the feature that causes you to lose when you collide with an obstacle or set a consistently low speed.

However, while competition is always intriguing, cheat codes aren’t allowed in our game edition to maintain the greatest level of fairness. The ratings you have seen on our website are all 100 percent accurate. These points were acquired by the players independently, without using any tricks.

However, you may utilize the cheat codes listed below if you enjoy the constructed browser version. By pressing F12 or Ctrl+Shift+l, you can access the programmer toolbar’s “Console” tab, where you need to enter these tricks.

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To remove the barriers
GameOver for Runner.instance_ = function();

To modify the dinosaur’s speed (you can enter any other numerical value in the place of 100)
(100); Runner.instance .setSpeed.