Google to Launch Cellular Phone Service ‘Nova’ in U.S

Google is planning to dominate wireless network industry now after getting their grip stronger into the phone market. They nearly cover 80 percent of the world’s consumption of mobile phones with their operating system Android. It is one of the widest platforms being used across the world.

They are more likely to grow now as a wireless network provider by the name ‘Nova’. Google been working on this project from close to a year and is said to have signed a deal with T-Mobile and Sprint.

Google to Launch Cellular Phone Service

Google is already in a very powerful position in market and has grown as a synonymous name for internet. Google will be now reselling wireless services from T-Mobile and Sprint under a separate contract in selected cities of USA.

These services will be available in selected cities of USA starting with their internet connection.

Currently the leaders of wireless network market in USA are Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Sprint recently charged off 2,000 employees due to a reported loss of 765 million dollars to its company in the second quarter results however the recent deal news with Google in media have given an appraisal of 5.53 percent and 1.83 percent respectively for Sprint and T-Mobile.

US citizens shall soon be expecting internet services being channelized by Google for their home. Fiber broadband is the first product from Google’s end for consumers.

Everybody is waiting for the product to hit the market. No news has been confirmed about the cities where it will be available first neither about the key people associated with the deal.

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