Whitney Houston’s daughter in ventilator after found unresponsive in bathtub

Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of late celebrity Whitney Houston, has now been put on an induced coma in intensive care.

The 21 year old was found unresponsive earlier in her bathtub at her townhouse in Georgia.
Whitney Houston’s daughter

The officials haven’t disclosed details of her current state, but have added that the status can would be known only after the sedative’s effect is brought down.

They have also added that there were no indications of drug or alcohol related mishaps and that they are still unaware of what led to her suspicious state.

Brown’s husband, who found her unconscious without heartbeat and breathing in her bathtub with face down, performed CPR after informing 911 of the incident.

She was later taken to a local hospital after the arrival of the public safety officers.

A spokeswoman has said that she was alive and breathing and nothing more could be spoken of her condition.

Earlier on January 23, the Police had gone on a probe to her house after being reported anonymously of a fight.

However, with no one attending the doors, the officials left the site citing absolutely no evidence.

The matter, although being reported to be a medical incident, is leading to suspicions as the Whitney Houston was found in a similar state at her bathtub in 2011, which led to her demise.

The incident was later ruled as an accident, with effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use contributing for the mishap, which had her face drowned in hot water about 12 inch deep.

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