Is Indian PM Narendra Modi the strongest contender to get the Nobel Peace Prize?


The Noble peace prize is a prestigious honor for any individual or organization. Currently, a member of the Nobel peace prize committee is visiting India. And during the same, various news portals have published that Mr. Toje, the deputy head of the Noble peace prize committee, appreciated the work and policies of Narendra Modi and said he was a deserving contender to get the Noble peace prize. Still, it came out to be a piece of fake news.

Talking to the ANI, Mr. Toje said Prime Minister Modi’s statement that “This is not the era of war” was an expression of hope, and PM Modi has worth most of the population behind him.

And he also said that “India didn’t’ speak in a booming voice and didn’t’ threaten anybody; it just made its point known in a friendly manner. India is one of the primary powers of the world, “we need more of that that in international politics.

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Speaking about the rumor of PM Modi being the strongest contender, he said, “it’s’ completely fake”. Many people on Twitter troll the news channel over spreading fake news and questioning their credibility.

Talking about the peace prize, in 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi got the “Seoul peace prize”, the second most honored peace prize in the world after the Nobel peace prize, and the last person to get the Noble peace prize from India was Kailash Satyarthi.