Stimulus Check 2023: Georgia Residents To Receive Up to $500

Social Security Recipients to See Up to $1,800 Payment on December 13th

Following the signing of an amended budget by Governor Brian Kemp, Georgian residents will get a stimulus check of $500 as a property tax rebate. House Bill 18 will increase expenditure by $2.4 billion by June 30, at the end of the fiscal year, after the Republican governor approved it on Friday.

Brian Kemp’s Speech At Capitol

Kemp claimed in an address on Monday at the state Capitol that he was keeping the promises he made during the reelection campaign. Kemp stated in his speech that the budget should demonstrate to federal lawmakers that they can keep spending in check and use innovation to streamline and streamline government without increasing taxes as they initiate their budget negotiations.

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President Joe Biden presented a budget proposal last week that calls for taxing the rich to pay for programs like the reinstatement of the enhanced child tax credit, which would provide families up to $3,600 per child.

Stimulus Payment Of $500

Under the $950 million property tax refund proposal, residents with homestead exemptions will receive an average stimulus payment from the state of about $500. A total of $1 billion is allocated in the budget to provide citizens with up to $500 in tax reimbursements for a second year. The state Senate will discuss the legislation authorizing those returns on Tuesday.

House Bill 162 would reimburse solo filers $250 and joint filers $500.A one-time $500 bonus for each of the 54,000 state Employees’ Retirement System retirees is also included in the revised budget.

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It allots $92 million to the state’s reinsurance initiative to lower healthcare premiums and $115 million for funds to improve school security, which equates to about $50,000 per school. Additionally, it allows $5 million to assist paraprofessionals in becoming licensed instructors and $3.5 million to support the training of nurses reports Newsweek.





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