Bharat 6G Mission: PM Modi launches 6G project and App ‘Call before you dig’

Bharat 6G Mission PM Modi launches India's 6G project

On Tuesday Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled India’s new 6g mission and launched an app “call before you dig”. This plan will start to research and develop 6g technology and help the tech sector to achieve new heights in India.

An apex body has been appointed to monitor this plan. The plan will mainly consist of two phases, the first phase will start from 2023 till the next two years, in which the standards for the new 6g plan will be created and the last phase will consist of creating the ecosystem for the 6g tech till 2030. This project is under the Gatisakti program of the central government; hence the workflow will be on the Fast track.

The app “call before you dig” has been made to make better communication between the excavation committee and the telecommunication department. Where the excavation committee will inquire to the telecom department about the existing subsurface utilities before they start digging. This app will provide a portal to make contact between these two bodies to make this project more efficient.

Prime Minister Modi said, “India is the second largest market globally when it comes to the telecom sector with up to 1.16 billion subscribers, and for the same reason the digital economy of India has grown about 25 times faster than the national economy”.

As 5g in India has already shown growth by being 25 times faster than 4g. This initiative will help India to achieve the position of the leading nation in the telecom sector and also make India capable of being a supplier of telecom tech and support. The new 6g mission is aiming to provide customers with speeds up to 1 tbsp.

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