Photos: Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski Spotted Passionately Kissing In Tokyo

Photos: Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski Spotted Passionately Kissing In Tokyo

Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski have set the internet on fire with their latest photos. The two stars were spotted passionately kissing in Tokyo, Japan, sparking dating rumors among their fans.

According to sources, Styles, and Ratajkowski met at a fashion event in the city and hit it off instantly. They were seen leaving the venue together and heading to a nearby hotel. The next day, paparazzi caught them sharing a steamy kiss on the street.


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Styles, 29, is known for his successful solo career after leaving One Direction in 2016. He has also ventured into acting, starring in films such as Dunkirk and Don’t Worry Darling. Ratajkowski, 31, is a model and actress who rose to fame with her appearance in the music video for Blurred Lines. She has also appeared in films such as Gone Girl, and I Feel Pretty.

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Neither Styles nor Ratajkowski have confirmed or denied their relationship status. However, fans have been speculating about their chemistry and compatibility on social media. Some have expressed their support and admiration for the couple, while others have expressed their jealousy and disbelief.

What do you think of Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski as potential couple? Do you think they are just having fun or are they serious about each other? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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