Mass Nesting of Olive Turtles begin in Odisha beaches

After getting delayed by more than three weeks, the mass nesting of the endangered Olive turtles has began at Rushikulya rookery coast, Odisha.

As per reports, almost 69,700 Olive Ridleys have arrived in the coast to lay eggs, and this has literally enhanced the delight of wildlife lovers. The turtle’s major ecosystem is the warm waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

According to S S Srivastav, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, an estimated number of 69, 722 turtles have been found in the last 48 hours digging pits on the sand for nesting grounds.

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More than four lakh turtles have been found in the year 2013, and the count may even increase in the coming days.

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Experts predict mass nesting of Olive Turtles in the coming days, as more than a thousand Olive Ridleys has been found near the coast.

As per experts, the Hudhud cyclone which happened in October 2014 is the main reason behind the delay in nesting.

The climatic condition of this year is conducive and the beach topography is ideal this year. This is the main reason behind the mass nesting of Olive Ridleys this year. Last year, the turtles did not arrive to the shore for mass nesting.

The whole nesting beach has been divided into 44 sections, and the charge of each section has been given to a team of forest officials and local volunteers.

These teams will be responsible for conducting the census of the Olive Ridleys, and they will be also trying to make the zone safe for mass nesting.

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