Types of roulette in casino online

Types of roulette in casino online

One of the most popular table games in gambling clubs is roulette. It is available in casino online in different variations – it is useful for the user of casino online to know about their features.


European roulette is very common in casinos online. In fact, it’s the most popular kind of roulette – you can play it on almost every gambling site. On the playing field you’ll find 36 red and black sections with numbers, as well as a green zero block (37 cells in total).

The probability of the ball stopping at zero in a classic European variation is 2.7% – an advantage for the gambling establishment. If a zero occurs during a spin and you didn’t bet on it, then absolutely all bets go to the casino.


The American version has one feature which makes it very different from the European version. In addition to the block with one zero, there is a section with 2 zeros on the playing field. The total number of cells in the game is 38 (numbers from 0 to 36 and an additional sector with 2 zeros).

In addition to standard bets such as on a number or color (black/red), the American variation allows you to place bets on 5 fields at a time. Casino online has a 5.26% advantage, and this is the main reason why American Roulette is not very popular among players. The odds of winning are very low, but it does increase the adrenaline levels in the blood and guarantees an unforgettable experience.


The French Roulette wheel looks identical to the European version. In this variation there are also 37 cells (36 numbers and one zero) on the wheel (and table). However, there are some differences in table layout and game rules. If a zero is struck, the bets are not considered lost – they are divided by 2. The player gets half of the original bet. This rule is called «la partage».

There is also an «en prison» option. If the ball hits sector 0, the gambler will have 2 options: to return 50% of the bet or to block it. With the next spin of the wheel the bet can be reactivated (resumed) and if it plays in the player’s favor, he will get the full amount back.

Both «la partage» and «en prison» rules apply only to outside bets, i.e. red/black, even/odd, etc. At casino online, the French variation gives the gambling club the smallest advantage, which means it is the most lucrative for the gambler.

Beginning players are advised to try this variation first, as the advantage of the gaming platform is reduced to 1.35%. For this reason, casinos rarely include French Roulette in their game catalog, but it can still be found.

Unusual variations

Unusual gambling variations are also found in gaming clubs:

Mini. The name is due to the size of the playing field – it is three times smaller than the classic roulette field, that is, it has 12 numbers instead of 36. There are bets on equal chances.
No Zero. The sector zero is a tricky thing, so a variation without a zero cell looks very attractive. However, don’t get excited ahead of time. If there is no zero block, a fixed amount (commission) will be deducted from each bet you make. The casino will still benefit.
With a progressive prize. This option allows you to claim the progressive prize, the jackpot. You must place a bonus bet (on top of the main bet), for a fee, in order to play for it. An example of this is Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette, where a jackpot round can be triggered at any time, even if you lose. There is a chance to win one of the 4 cumulative prizes. The game is based on a series of video slots with identical top rewards.

Live roulette may also be available in the casino. In this case, the bets will be placed by a real croupier. He will also start the spinning of the wheel.

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