Stimulus Check Update 2023: These States Are Eligible For Some Assistance – See If You Qualify

Stimulus Update 2023: Millions Can Apply For One-Time $3,600 Direct Payments - Check If You Are Eligible

The COVID-19 pandemic not only caused a health crisis but also resulted in economic issues. In response, the US government approved three stimulus check payments to help those who needed it most. Even if the pandemic has subsided to bearable levels, there are still many families who struggle to put food on the table due to rising prices. As a result, several states have decided to provide their assistance since there hasn’t been a fourth national stimulus check.

Stimulus Checks For California

Depending on their qualification requirements, such as their marital status, income, and the number of dependents they have, in-state residents may get a payment ranging from $200 to $1,050. The “Middle-Class Tax Rebate,” which will be offered to taxpayers who filed their 2020 tax returns before 15th October 2021 & resided in California permanently for at least 6 months in 2020, makes it feasible for the payment to be paid. The one half of the year 2023 will see the issuance of payments.


The state offers $75 lump sum payments for every family member, which is equal to 12% of the taxpayer’s tax debt. For taxpayers who timely filed their taxes, take note that the funds will be received as a tax refund.

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The “Winter Energy Relief Payment” will provide one-time $450 checks for individual taxpayers and also $900 for couples due to the very harsh winter weather. AGI must be under $100,000 for individuals, $150,000 for households’ heads, or $200,000 for couples who are married and filing jointly in 2021 to be eligible.

New Mexico

If you submit your tax return 2021 by May 31, 2023, the state will issue you two refunds for 2023. For joint filers, heads of family, or surviving spouses, the initial refund is $500; for individual taxpayers as well as married couples claiming separate tax returns, it is $250.

New Jersey

Homeowners and renters of New Jersey can get checks. If you lived in 2019 in the state and reported a maximum income of $150,000, you may be eligible for up to $1,500 reports As.

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