4th Stimulus Check Update: California Citizens To Receive More Relief Aid

Although another wave of stimulus checks for Americans is unlikely to arrive anytime soon, certain states have been providing money to their citizens to assist them deal with rising prices. Since there were zero Economic Impact Payments for 2022, the IRS has cautioned people that their refunds may be less in 2023. This is in part because people won’t receive a further stimulus payment along with their return. However, several states gave people special subsidies last year to assist them cope with the increasing living expense.

Stimulus Payments In California

The government reported on Wednesday that consumer prices increased once more in April, and underlying inflation measures remained strong. Beginning last autumn, California began distributing one-time payments to people to help with inflation. Millions of taxpayers received reimbursements from the Middle-Class Tax Refund totaling up to $1,050, per the state’s Franchise Tax Board. Direct deposit or debit card payments were the two ways payments were delivered. The board, however, disclosed that of the 9.6 million debit cards mailed out, 15% had never been activated.

Citizens Receiving Mails To Activate Debit Cards

Nearly 1.5 million Californians have received letters from the state stating that their expired debit cards were never activated; they expire in 2026. To recover their reward, people who received letters claiming they failed to activate their cards but don’t have them should call Money Network at 1-800-240-0223. The IRS has also offered tax aid for Californians impacted by recent winter disasters. According to the IRS, the due date for filing federal individual and company tax returns and making tax payments was first extended to May 15 and then to October 16. As per the state’s Franchise Tax Board, anyone affected by the storms may also be qualified to claim an exemption for a disaster cost on their tax returns, reports Newsweek.

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