School In Utah Bans Bible Citing Vulgarity And Violence

A school district in the US state of Utah withdrew the Bible from elementary and middle schools due to “vulgarity and violence” in the text. 

A parent’s Complaint

The choice was made in response to a parent’s concern that the King James Bible contains content unfit for children. A law prohibiting “pornographic or indecent” literature from schools was also approved in Utah in 2022. Since then, most of the banned publications dealt with issues of identity and sexual orientation.

Following the 2022 complaint, the Davis School District north of Salt Lake City made the decision. According to officials, seven or eight of the Bibles they had on their shelves have already been taken down. The committee didn’t detail its choice or which portions it felt constituted “vulgarity or violence.”

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Despite originally labeling the desire to have the Bible removed as “mockery,” a Utah state lawmaker admitted that the language presented difficulties for younger children. The representative highlighted that the Bible is better taught and understood at home rather than school.

A Book Ban Rampage In The US

The prohibition of the Bible is part of a more extensive campaign by US conservatives to outlaw lectures on divisive subjects like racial identity and LGBT rights. In other jurisdictions, many publications dealing with issues like sexual orientation and identity have already been banned from classrooms.

As per Mint reports, following a public outcry, a Texas school district removed the Bible from library shelves last year. Students in Kansas also asked to have the Bible taken out of the school library last month.

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