U.K Election 2015 Results live; Sky News live

Even though the Exit Polls gave U.K Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservatives Party 316 seats out of 650 to get very close to clobbering a majority, the situation during the counting is a bit different.

When latest reports came in, the Labour Party was leading in 110, i,e minus 29 from its previous tally. The Conservative Party was leading at 76 seats, plus two.

The surprise package was the Scottish National Party which was leading in a massive 46 seats which is plus 40 from its previous tally.

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In a major upset, according to the Telegraph, “Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable is out. It’s an extraordinary result for a man who had a majority of more than 12,000 in 2010.

The Guardian reported, “The SNP advance has been more massive even than expected, but the Conservatives are on course to form another government with a very strong showing in England and Wales.

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“Nick Hurd, son of Margaret Thatcher’s foreign secretary Douglas Hurd, has romped home for the Conservatives in Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner with 30,521 votes – an increased majority of 20,224 over Labour.”

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