Jodie Turner-Smith boards cast of Disney’s ‘Tron: Ares’

Jodie Turner-Smith boards cast of Disney's 'Tron: Ares'

In a surprising announcement today, Disney revealed that British actress Jodie Turner-Smith has joined the cast of the highly anticipated film “Tron: Ares.” Turner-Smith, known for her breakout role in the critically acclaimed film “Queen & Slim,” is set to bring her talent and star power to the iconic sci-fi franchise.

“Tron: Ares” serves as a continuation of the beloved “Tron” series that first captivated audiences in 1982 with its groundbreaking visuals and innovative storytelling. The film is directed by Garth Davis, best known for his work on the critically acclaimed film “Lion,” and is produced by Justin Springer, who has previously worked on Disney’s successful “Tron: Legacy.”

Turner-Smith’s addition to the cast is a significant development, as she joins an already impressive ensemble. The film stars Jared Leto, who takes on the lead role, reprising the character of Ares, a virtual world developer trapped within the digital realm of Tron. The storyline promises to delve deeper into the virtual world, exploring new dimensions and introducing fresh characters.

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Jodie Turner-Smith’s role in “Tron: Ares” has not yet been officially disclosed, but industry insiders speculate that she will play a crucial character that will have a substantial impact on the narrative. Turner-Smith’s previous performances have showcased her versatility and ability to command the screen, making her an exciting addition to the “Tron” universe.

Disney has been tight-lipped about the plot details for “Tron: Ares,” but fans are eagerly awaiting any tidbits of information about the film. The original “Tron” movie, directed by Steven Lisberger, revolutionized the use of computer-generated imagery and created a visually stunning world inside a computer system. Its sequel, “Tron: Legacy,” directed by Joseph Kosinski, continued the legacy, further exploring the digital landscape and attracting a new generation of fans.

With Jodie Turner-Smith on board, “Tron: Ares” is expected to continue the tradition of pushing the boundaries of visual effects and immersive storytelling. The combination of Turner-Smith’s talent and the visionary direction of Garth Davis suggests that the film will offer a fresh take on the virtual world and deliver an unforgettable cinematic experience.

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Production for “Tron: Ares” is set to begin later this year, with Disney aiming for a highly anticipated release in theaters worldwide in late 2024. As fans eagerly await further updates on the film, the addition of Jodie Turner-Smith to the cast has undoubtedly heightened anticipation and excitement for the next chapter in the “Tron” franchise.

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