Gigi Hadid likes Ex Zayn Malik shirtless photo on Instagram

Gigi Hadid likes Ex Zayn Malik shirtless photo on Instagram

Hollywood’s one of the most viral ex-couple Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid, giving a signal of love

Zayn Malik currently does not follow ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid on Instagram but Hadid does follow and likes new Instagram photos to show her support. In the photo, Malik is sitting in front of a red piano shirtless and without notes. The photo was taken a few days after Malik released his first new single of the year, “Love Like This”.

Malik spoke about his relationship with Hadid, with whom he has a two-year-old daughter named Khai, on the “Call her daddy” podcast earlier this month. Hadid and Malik broke up for good in October 2021 after years of being apart.
He said that their relationship as a parent is going well. “It’s good to be a parent,” he began. “Yes, we have a good relationship with Khai, you know, that’s the most important thing.


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This is true. So yes, everything is going well. I think of me (and my opinion)

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Then “helps my child whenever I get the chance. If I could be there for him 60% of the time, I would do that, yes.” custody is divided equally.

Hadid briefly mentioned Malik in an interview with The Times in March. When asked about co-parenting, she said, “It’s even important that you prioritize your child’s health. You will be with this person for a very, very long time.”

He later said that he had prepared his own vow “while Khai was with his father”. It makes me happy to be with my parents.

Malik, who is single, last connected with Selena Gomez in March. In June, Gomez’s unfollowing of her and Hadid on Instagram fueled speculation that her relationship with him was over.

Hadid finally hooked up with Leonardo DiCaprio. Sources say they’re just friends, whilIe others say there’s something between them now. Something more romantic. They haven’t talked about each other or their relationship since they first dated last fall.

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