Matt Riddle and Misha Montana Private MMS Video Leak: Matt posts message to his fans

Misha Montana and riddle leaked video

Matt Riddle, a prominent name in WWE, has once again found himself embroiled in controversy as a private video of him and his wife, Misha Montana, has recently surfaced online. Despite garnering support from his dedicated fanbase, Riddle’s past has been marked by several controversies, including a dismissal from UFC due to a marijuana-related incident. Now, with this leaked video, his private life is once again under scrutiny.

Matt Riddle and Misha Montana Private MMS Video s

The leaked video, which we will not share due to its explicit nature, was initially posted by a Twitter account specializing in NSFW pro wrestling content. Although the original post was taken down, it quickly spread across social media platforms, causing a wave of concern and curiosity among fans. With Riddle’s distinct tattoos visible in the footage, its authenticity was confirmed, exacerbating the situation, reports Inside Sports.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Matt Riddle and Misha Montana were recently celebrating happy news as they announced their impending parenthood. However, this unfortunate leak casts a dark shadow over their joyful moment, leaving them to navigate the storm of controversy.

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In response to the video leak, Riddle’s ex-partner, Daniella Petrow, who has been vocal about his past controversies, expressed her lack of surprise over the incident. In a now-deleted tweet, Petrow suggested that Misha Tate, Riddle’s wife, should exert more control over him. The tweet also tagged WWE and Ringside News, but it was later taken down by Petrow, who claimed to have discovered the identity of the woman in the video and asked for its removal.

Matt Riddle and Misha Montana leaked MMS Video

Matt Riddle posts a message for his fans

Matt Riddle posted to his fans and requested them to ignore the haters.

He captioned the post as, “Live your best life and ignore the haters that’s what I’ve been doing and I’m loving it bro“

As the controversy unfolds, fans are actively commenting on the matter, expressing their thoughts and concerns regarding the situation. For Riddle, it appears that this latest personal life controversy is far from over, and it remains to be seen how WWE and the wrestling community will respond.

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The leaked video serves as a reminder of the challenges public figures face when their private lives become subjects of scrutiny. In an age where digital content spreads rapidly, maintaining privacy and managing personal matters can be an immense challenge for celebrities, athletes, and public personalities.


  • Matt Riddle finds himself again in the controversy as  his privaye video got leaked involving him and his wife.
  • Despite the joyous news of their parenthood , this incident has caused doubt over the couple.
  • As fans and people wait for further unfolding of facts ,we need to understand that how quickly a message can spread worldwide which leads to privacy breach in many cases , we need to respect peoples privacy.
  • Time will define how Matt riddle addresses this drama of his life.