Cricket World Cup 2023: Pakistan confirms travelling to India

Cricket World Cup 2023: Pakistan confirms travelling to India

The decision came as Pakistan threatened to withdraw from the 2023 International Cricket World Cup after India made it clear that it would not travel to Pakistan for the 2023 Asian Cup.

The two sides cooperate only in international relations; Pakistan’s foreign policy. At the ICC event, foreign officer said “sports should not be mixed with politics” but said there were “deep concerns about safety”.

Pakistan’s statement Release

Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement, “Pakistan has always advocated that sports should not be mixed with politics. Therefore, it has decided to send its best team to India for the Cricket World Cup.

Statement, Pakistan will arrive in Ahmedabad on 15 October as planned. Neither has confirmed that it will play against India, and no request has been made for the match to be postponed.

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However, he explained that Pakistan has “deep concerns about the safety of the cricket team” and added: “We are raising these concerns to the International Cricket Council and the Indian authorities

” We want the full safety of the Pakistani cricket team to be guaranteed. when they visit India.

Report added that this decision shows that Pakistan is responsible for its development and India’s instability and believes that politics should not interfere with the success of Pakistan’s international and sporting activities.

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