Kanye West & Travis Scott’s Epic Comeback Stage: Fans Rave After Antisemitism Controversy

Kanye West & Travis Scott's Epic Comeback Stage: Fans Rave After Antisemitism Controversy

Kanye West is returning to the stage with his longtime friend, rapper Travis Scott. The former has become controversial for making anti-Semitic comments, but the latter doesn’t seem to care as she has her own conflicts to resolve from time to time.

Currently performing in Rome, Scott gave West a chance to return to the stage during the show, and here’s the reaction from the fans.


Kanye West makes comeback on stage with Travis Scott after antisemitic comments

Scott was busy five years after releasing his first studio album. His latest album, “Utopia” features collaborations and feature lengths with many popular artists, but the rapper takes action to bring the popular but troubled rapper to the stage, and more importantly.

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Audiences at Scott’s Rome concerts and fans around the world were surprised when West joined him on stage. Surprise, shock and happiness are some of the fan’s clearly visible emotions. “There’s only one person in the world who can handle anything with me,” said she, 32, who had previously welcomed Wes on her Circus Maximus tour. The rapper took the stage before joining Scott for a performance of his song “Open God”. He missed a few songs during the show but continued to sing another song called “Don’t Tell Me Nothing”.

Scott later said, “No Utopia without Kanye West. No Travis Scott without Kanye West. No Rome without Kanye West. Make You A Little Loud.” He added his thanks to the people who have been by his side for 46 years.

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“I want to thank my brother, my mentor, I wouldn’t be here without him. The worst guy is Kanye West. I hope we can do that tour someday,” Scott said. Special attention.

Fans react to Kanye West’s comeback on stage with Travis Scott

Netizens, meanwhile, immediately responded to West and Scott’s surprise. One user wrote, “This epic, Travis Scott surprised everyone with Kanye West at the Utopia show in Rome, Italy.

Another said, pointing to several songs the duo has worked with together, “Kanye West and Travis Scott never miss a song together. On the other hand, to the fourth, “Travis Scott’s concert proved everything to me. …

Yes, I need to see Kanye West live before I die. The fifth replied: “It’s great that Travis brought out Kanye.” It’s great to see this. West, who came under criticism for his anti-Semitic comments last year, has returned after being dumped by a list that cost him millions.

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