Aryan Khan turns down his father Shahrukh Khans cameo in his series

Aryan Khan turns down his father Shahrukh Khans cameo in his series

Aryan Khan reportedly did not want his father, Shah Rukh Khan to appear in the Ott series ‘Stardom’ and even turned down a Rs 120 crore offer for the star boy to sell the rights to his work.

Aryan Khan made headlines with his debut ‘ Stardom’, according to the latest news OTT platform offered the superstar’s handsome son Rs 120 crore to shoot the movie video, and it aired on their platform, but reportedly Aryan. Khan appeared to decline the offer. Interestingly, Shah Rukh Khan’s son not only turned down the request, but also turned down his father’s cameo in the drama.

With Aryan making his debut as an actor, many were expecting King Khan’s potential, but fans of the Jawan star will be disappointed by the news

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As per the warning, Aryan Khan has decided not to have his father SRK cameo and Jawan fans star. Jawan Star is looking forward to being a part of it.

A source close to the entertainment site said, ” since Aryan chose direction not acting as a career, SRK has made it clear that he wants to be part of the series Aryan will be appearing on the web show.” But Aryan said no, So no, I don’t think SRK will be in Stardom. As mentioned in

Bollywood Life, the Aryan Khan web series ‘doesn’t seem ready to sell Baby because he’ll just decide it’s over’ even before season 1 is complete.

While fans were excited to see what the star kid had to say to them, they also expressed disappointment as they knew the Jawan actor would not be on camera.

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All the actors expressed their interest in acting in Aryan’s directorial debut. But we hear Arya’s father saying “no” to her friends. Only two superstars made it to Aryan’s list.

Who will do a cameo in the series:

Here for the first time we can sa,y who they are.

Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor will be guests on Arya’s website.

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