Texas low-income residents to get monthly $500 checks – Are you one of them?

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Harris County, Texas, the home of Houston, the fourth most populous city in the United States, is set to launch a guaranteed income pilot program. The program, called Uplift Harris, would provide $500 per month to 1,500 low-income households for 18 months.

The program would be funded by $20.5 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds. Recipients would be randomly selected from the lowest-income zip codes in the county.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said the program is designed to help families “get back on their feet” and “build a brighter future.”

“This is a historic investment in our community,” Hidalgo said. “It’s an investment in our families, our children, and our future.”

The Uplift Harris program is one of several guaranteed income pilot programs that have been launched in recent years. Other cities that have implemented guaranteed income programs include Oakland, California; New York City; and Stockton, California, reports The Sun.

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Proponents of guaranteed income argue that it can help to reduce poverty, improve financial stability, and boost economic mobility. Critics argue that it is too expensive and that it could discourage people from working.

The Uplift Harris program is expected to start in September. The results of the program will be evaluated to determine its effectiveness.

In addition to Uplift Harris, Harris County is also considering other ways to help low-income residents, such as expanding access to affordable housing and providing job training programs.

“We are committed to doing everything we can to help our residents who are struggling,” Hidalgo said. “This guaranteed income program is just one part of our efforts.”