Tamil Movie ‘Iraivan’ Review: Jayam Ravi and Nayanthara star in horror-thriller

Tamil Movie 'Iraivan' Review: Jayam Ravi and Nayanthara star in horror-thriller

Jayam Ravi and Nayanthara’s upcoming film ‘Iraivan‘ will be released on September 28, 2023.


Arjun (Jayam Ravi) is a cop who doesn’t hesitate to take the law into his own hands. His friend and colleague, Andrew (Narain), worries about his reckless behavior and tries to calm him down. Andrew has a happy family with his wife Jasmine (Vijaylakshmi), sister (Nayanthara), and daughter Sophia.

Their lives change when they face a horrific case — a serial killer named Brahma (Rahul Bose), who kidnaps and tortures young girls at night. The police find a disturbing pattern in the murders. Andrew and his team catch the killer, but something terrible happens.

Arjun leaves the police and opens a coffee shop with Andrew’s sister, hoping for a peaceful life. But their peace is shattered when Brahma escapes from prison and continues his killing spree.

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Initially envisioned for a grand Pan-Indian release, the movie, under the adept direction of I Ahmed, is now facing the dilemma of incomplete details and impending deadlines.

In response to this situation, emerging reports indicate that the film’s production team is contemplating a new release date, which could be unveiled alongside a captivating poster during a significant occasion.

While the production timeline has been notably protracted, the musical aspect of ‘Iraivan’ appears to be forging ahead smoothly, thanks to the artistic prowess of Yuvan Shankar Raja, the composer entrusted with crafting its musical tapestry.

In recent updates, Yuvan Shankar Raja has diligently worked on the film’s background score, investing his creative energy into shaping an auditory experience that complements the visual storytelling.

The stakes are undeniably high for ‘Iraivan,’ especially given that it marks Jayam Ravi’s cinematic venture following the colossal success of ‘Ponniyin Selvan.’

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This places a significant weight of anticipation on the shoulders of the talented actor as he steps into a new role. The film’s business prospects are soaring, with its simultaneous release planned across multiple languages.

This strategic approach is anticipated to substantially boost the film’s box office performance, underscoring the potential for success that ‘Iraivan’ holds within its narrative.

As the film fraternity and eager audiences await the outcome of these deliberations, it remains to be seen whether ‘Iraivan’ will indeed adhere to its initially announced release date or if the filmmakers will choose to buy themselves more time to perfect the cinematic offering.

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