How did WWE star Bray Wyatt died at 36?

Three-time WWE World Champion and two-time Tag Team Champion Bray Wyatt, real name Windham Rotunda, has died at the age of 36. He has not fought since January for health reasons.

Wyatt, whose real name is Windham Rotunda, has not played since January due to health reasons.

WWE Content Manager Paul Levesque, aka Triple H, has confirmed his death on social media.

Levesque wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter) “Sorry just from WWE Hall of Fame Mike Rotunda that our WWE family Windham Rotunda (still referred to as Bray Wyatt) passed away earlier today. “I got a call to report the news. His thoughts are with his family, and we want everyone to have self-respect right now.”

Wrestling reporter Sean Ross Sapp later said that Wyah Te died of a heart attack that got worse due to Covid-19.
Wyatt joined the WWE development team in 2009 and remained with the company until his death, except for one year, from July 2021 to September 2022.

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Wyatt is considered one of the best westler on the mic, and one of his incarnations saw his character as a villain. He is the leader of a group called “The Wyatt Family”.

Three-time world champion and two-time team champion in the ring.

He comes from a racing family with his grandfather Blackjack Mulligan, father Mike Rotunda and brother Bo Dallas.

Heart attack rising rapidly

Many people in their 30s and 40s die from heart attacks. According to data on the World Health Organization (WHO) website, approximately 18 million people die each year from various cardiovascular diseases; Most deaths are due to heart disease.

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Many cases have been reported as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak; Health experts are divided over whether the coronavirus is causing heart problems or the vaccine.

It is important to know the early signs of the disease and the conditions that may affect the disease early.

Symptoms of a heart attack are pain or discomfort in the middle of the chest and/or pain or discomfort in the arm, left shoulder, elbow, jaw, or back.

Other symptoms such as numbness in the face, arms or legs, especially on one side of the body; confusion, difficulty speaking or understanding speech; vision problems in one or both eyes; difficulty walking, dizziness and/or lack of balance or coordination; unexplained severe headache; and/or weakness or confusion that may occur during cardiac arrest.

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Malnutrition, high salt intake, physical inactivity and stress are factors that increase the risk of heart attack in today’s youth.

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