‘Choose Love’ Review: Netflix’s Rom-Com That Will Make You Laugh and Cry

'Choose Love' Review: Netflix's Rom-Com That Will Make You Laugh and Cry

This interactive Netflix romantic comedy lets viewers make choices for the main characters that change the story. But all methods are neutral.

Netflix’s latest dating movie, “Choose Love,” tries to bring the dating simulator to the standard aired romantic comedy. Like in Bandersnatch, another Netflix production from 2019, the “Black Mirror” interface lets viewers play for Kami Conway, the girl named Cammy Conway (Laura Marano), who suddenly realizes she’s having a heart attack.

Choose from three candidates. Viewers tap a button to make a choice (should Kami kiss the man or avoid his attack? Should he wear this shirt or that? ) and will eventually decide which man she will be with.

However, the viewer is not left with as many choices as it seems.

The movie opens with the tarot reading, where you help Kami decide whether she wants “good news” or “bad news” first. But in both cases it’s the same deck.

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After two happy but unhappy nights with her longtime boyfriend Paul (Scott Michael Foster), she meets her old high school sweetheart Jack (Jody) while dropping her daughter off at school Webb) and now learns that he is a people-oriented photographer.

He takes pictures for charity. When he rents the space in the recording studio where he works as a musician, he meets his third person, a famous musician named Rex Galil (Avan Jogia).

Rex asks her for advice on a new song she’s working on and – whether you choose to “lie and say it’s okay” or “be honest” -she likes his wisdom and talks about working with him.

Kami’s long-dreamed singing career is revived and she finds herself faced with three choices in life: taking risks, reconnecting with someone she’s lost, or chasing a star with a famous boyfriend.

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The dialogues in “Choose Love” more or less highlight the two or three key factors that determine the man Cammy will spend her life with – and of course, Netflix is ​​encouraging you to return to being single as the final credits arrive. Press a different button to get a different ending.

I wish the movies were interesting enough. Bandersnatch and Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt exclusive “Kimmy vs The Reverend”. during other attempts towards interactive programs such as The Impeccable Proofs, from both dystopian thrills and comedic moments, are a bit of a gimmick floating.

But the highlight of Stewart MacDonald’s “Choose Love” seems to be that audiences can choose the best romantic comedy costume they’ve ever seen on screen.

Predictability aside, “Choose Love” looks more like a mean-flow algorithm-based decision than a comforting romantic comedy: a linked, exaggerated peak of interaction, each giving rise to a different predetermined stereotype.

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