‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 400 Delay, Release Date, Read, Plot and more

'My Hero Academia' Chapter 400 Delay, Release Date, Read, Plot

The new episode of “My Hero Academia” is coming. However, there are problems in this version. Comics are serialized one after the other without interruption.

And now, it looks like the artist has finally decided to take a day to himself. So, the final episode of MHA won’t air this week, but the events of the war are always something fans will be happy about.

This could be a matter of life or death for the hero. Find everything you need about the program, new release date, and plans here.

Chapter 399: A quick recap

In “My Hero Academia” Chapter 399, All Might and All For One join the fight. All Might uses his new abilities to defend against attacks while planning powerful attacks.

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“All for One” criticizes All Weaknesses in the state and hopes clothing can renew the student’s perspective.

It deals a lot of damage to All Powers as it tends to focus on melee combat.

Now, during the Troy mission, Kunieda used her powerhouse to defeat most of the heroes and capture Gum and Yuga’s powers.

Determined to shine like his classmates, Yuga uses his belly laser. Invisible Girl attacks Kunieda with a powerful laser attack and defeats her.

All Might declared that he would not fall by activating “No Problem”, a massive laser aimed at himself and All For One along with the Anima Drones.

It will be interesting to see the new paths with real parts. There will still be some delays regarding spoilers for fans.

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Release date and where to read

Since the episode has not yet aired this week, spoilers and raw information about the episode have also been highlighted.

The last release date for “My Hero Academia Chapter 400” is September 19, 2023.

All manga chapters can be found exclusively on Viz Media and MangaPlus’ homepage.

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