Social Security COLA For 2024 Is Expected To Be 3.2%

Social Security COLA For 2024 Is Expected To Be 3.2%

The Social Security COLA is anticipated to be 3.2% in 2024, according to the Senior Citizens League. Even though this predicted rise might provide a little assistance to retirees, there are still worries that it won’t adequately meet the rising monetary requirements of older Americans.2024 Social Security COLA Indicates Small Increase In Benefits

Social Security COLA Monthly Increase

The August summary’s key conclusion is that price increases are picking up steam. The CPI-U, also known as the overall inflation rate indicator, rose by 0.6% from one month earlier and by 3.7% over the last year. That represents 2023’s greatest monthly increase yet. The primary cause of rising inflation won’t likely surprise the majority of Americans. Over fifty percent of the increase in headline inflation in August was attributed to higher gas costs. The problem wasn’t just with the gas, though. August saw price increases across a range of areas, including rent, auto insurance, and medical services.

CPI-W Data To Evaluate 2024 Social Security COLA

Increases in Social Security benefits are larger when inflation rates are higher. However, the CPI-W figure in the most recent BLS data is the most significant one for retirees. The SSA contrasts the data for the third trimester of the current year’s average CPI-W with the third trimester of the previous year’s average CPI-W. To calculate the COLA for Social Security for the following year, the percentage is adjusted to the closest tenth of one percent if there is an increase. We currently have two of the 3 months’ worth of CPI-W data required to determine the 2024 Social Security increase.

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The current state of the data indicates that your benefits will increase by 3% in the next year. But monthly inflation increases are the norm. The following COLA is expected to be 3.1% if the CPI-W rises at the identical rate in September as it occurred in August. 3.1% as a possible Social Security increase would be a significant decrease from the 8.7% COLA earned this year. That adjustment, though, was exceptionally high. The standard Social Security COLA over the past ten years has been about 2.6%.

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