Game of choice: how to choose the perfect online game for yourself

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 Choosing a suitable online game can be essential, depending on your interests and preferences. We will share helpful tips and criteria that will help you find the game that is perfect for you. 

How to choose the right slot and play with high variance?

Slots are divided into two types: 2D and 3D graphics. The difference is only in the animation – but it’s not simple. Rumour has it that classic machines give much more than realistic games. 

This article will explain which apparatuses give more and which slots in the Pure Win app are more profitable to play.

Classic slots

All classic slots have a few common characteristics:

  • The playing field consists of 3-5 reels and 1-5 reels;
  • simple graphics with virtually no animation;
  • predominantly fruity themes
  • high coefficients;
  • high payout percentage.

Advantages of classic machines

Simple rules. In classic slots, the control is centred on a single button, “Spin”. There are no bonuses, so the player does not need to read the rules to understand the machine’s operation principle. Everything is simple and intuitive.

High coefficients. In classic slots. The player will be “in the plus” when a winning combination falls out. Also, often, there are stacked symbols, so the number of possible active lines on the field increases.

Minimalistic design. Simple graphics and animation, a minimum of bonuses and paylines. Developers have done everything to ensure that the user was focused only on the result of the spin.

New 3D slots

3D slot machines are slots with realistic graphics and plenty of animation. They appeared after the classic machines about ten years ago. The following characteristics unite them:

  • unlimited number of paylines;
  • new technologies in making combinations (Megaways, etc.);
  • The game has a plot;
  • unobtrusive musical accompaniment;
  • abundance of bonuses.
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Advantages of 3D slots

  • Plot. Three-dimensional slot machines tell some stories related to the main character. It can be revealed before spins start and in the thematic round – it all depends on the developer’s imagination.
  • Graphics and animation. These indicators in 3D slots are always on top. Details are drawn in great detail, and symbols are animated. Musical accompaniment is unobtrusive – a calm melody in the background.
  • Numerous bonuses. Here, providers try to develop something new to attract sophisticated users. It can be multi-level freespins, a story bonus or other additional features.
  • More chances to make a combination. There can be an unlimited number of active lines here. All thanks to new features, such as Megaways or “disappearing combination”. You can win several times in a row in one spin and get additional multipliers for this.

Which slot will be more profitable?

The main question is: do classic slots give more than 3D machines? The answer is only sometimes. It depends on the characteristics of the slot, namely the RTP and volatility.

  • RTP. It is the slot’s return level, which is considered a percentage. For example, the machine RTP is 96%. It means that 100 dollars spent without bonuses will return 96 dollars. The amount of winnings can be more, but less – no.
  • Volatility (variance). It is the risk level of the machine—high means rare but significant wins, low – and vice versa. The most common is the average volatility.
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What slots to choose to play?

Experienced gamblers most often give preference for classic slots. For them, the level of return and high coefficients are more important than the plot and good graphics. At the same time, you do not have to give up bonuses – there are classic machines with freespins and special symbols.

Young gamblers prefer slot machines with 3D graphics. For them, high-quality images, animation and various bonus features are the most essential things in the slot. New games can meet high performance, progressive jackpots and much more!

How to play slots with high volatility

Players recognize slots with high volatility or variance as the most profitable. Due to this, popularity is also high. However, the main thing is to choose the right strategy to play on such slots.

Slot machines with high variance have high odds so that you can rip off a score. Most players play on the minimum or close to their bets on all paylines. It excludes significant financial losses but gives a chance to win a large amount of money.

But it should be noted that high-dispersion slots should be played for a distance rather than a quick one. Such machines wait to give winnings immediately and less often, but the prize amount is more significant than on slots with low or medium dispersion.

To win a big prize in such slots, you need to make thousands of spins of the drum. The player must have patience and the ability to expect a big win, even without a particular reason. Also, the player must have enough money to make enough spins until there is a win. It is also essential to be able to choose the right bet size.

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Playing for a short distance is useless since the combinations are rare but give out bigger prizes than on slots with other variances. But for a long-distance game, you also need an above-average budget. To do this, you can deposit an impressive amount at once or replenish the balance as the balance decreases.

To play at a distance, playing on small stakes and a low rate of credits is necessary. Most often, choose the minimum bet size and all paylines. It will reduce risk and losses until the machine gives out a prize.

High variance slots have a high return percentage or RTP. On a long distance, you can return up to 98% of the spent amount under a guarantee from the developer. Therefore, high volatility can not be called a factor of stable risk.

To avoid losing everything completely and winning in such slots, first try them in demo mode. You must find a hot machine and have funds for 500 or more bets.

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