Watch: Libya Continues To Suffer Due The Flooding

Watch: Libya Continues To Suffer Due The Flooding

Thousands of deaths reported due to flooding in Libya

The world has seen a catastrophic flooding that engulfed the country of Libya a Few days ago. The recent catastrophic flooding that has engulfed northeastern Libya has become a symbol of devastation for the country.

According to the latest report from the United Nations, the death toll has tragically reached around 11,300 people. According to many other sources, these numbers could rise much more in the future. The whole country has been filled with several rescue operations trying to help.

Teams have been using various machines to clean the cityscape of Derna, the affected city. The city has turned into nothing but a large number of dust and rubble and plain destruction. The responders are discovering bodies still appearing, especially along the Derna seafront.

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Death toll given by United Nations Office

This flooding was a result of the historic rainfall that triggered this catastrophe. This was followed by the breaking of two dams that unleashed millions of cubic meters of floodwater, which resulted in more and more destruction.

The United Nations Office has given these death tolls for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. The number is expected to climb higher as the rescue operations continue to find more and more survivors amidst the destruction.

The international community stands strong with the country and is trying to give any possible help needed for the country’s people. The natural tragedy has been quite sad news, and the whole world should stand with Libya in this painful scenario.

Global warming is a big factor

The neighboring country of Morocco also faced similar issues a few days back. The world continues to suffer from these issues, and according to many scientists, Global Warming has been the reason behind these issues.

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The world must come forward and take the necessary steps to counter the effects of global warming by switching to clean fuel, keeping a check on pollution, and setting norms for pollution levels.