‘Jawan’ actress Nayanthara Upset With Director Atlee? Skips all promotions

'Jawan' actress Nayanthara Not Happy With Director Atlee? Skipper all promotions

Shah Rukh Khan’s “Jawan” is in the news daily. The movie has been breaking records daily and has become a big success. It has recently crossed over Rs 500 crores and has become the other movie of SRK to cross this much.

“The movie “Jawan” had a large cast, and it was the Bollywood debut of south actress Nayanthara; Nayanthara, who played the leading lady of Shah Rukh Khan in director Atlee’s movie “Jawan,” is reportedly feeling upset about how her role was placed in the film.

The movie had an important character given to Nayantara. “Jawan,” featuring SRK in two roles, has achieved great success worldwide, crossing the Rs 1000 crore mark within just days of its release worldwide. However, Nayanthara appears not entirely happy with her first Bollywood movie.

Nayanthara is not happy with her role

According to news18, she is quite disappointed with the movie director, Atlee, because he edited her role in the movie. Her role was much bigger in the movie. Also, it is claimed that Deepika Padukone’s character received more limelight while Nayanthara’s part was somewhat sidelined. In the film’s credits, Deepika Padukone is listed as making a special appearance, but it didn’t quite feel that way for many viewers. It seemed more like a big and important role. Her role made the movie as if it were an SRK-Deepika film.

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Nayanthara is a leading south actress

All has left Nayanthara, a leading actor in the southern film industry, quite dissatisfied with her role’s treatment. It is also coming in the news that she might not pursue more Bollywood projects, at least not shortly. Nayanthara has made a big grip on the South Indian film industry, and she expected her Bollywood debut to be big. However, how her role was edited left her feeling overshadowed by Deepika Padukone’s character. This experience has given her pause when considering future Bollywood opportunities.

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