iPhone 15 sold out in One Minute in China

iPhone 15 sold out in a Few Hours in China

The iPhone is probably the most famous smartphone available in the market today. It is a phone that has been revolutionary since its advent to the scene. It has made the formula of a good smartphone common in the market with its unique and original features. Today, the iPhone is regarded as a prestigious piece of tech that is loved by all the world’s demographics. In China, it’s popularity is no less. It is one of the top choices for mobile users in China.

 The high-end iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models were sold out on the Apple Store on Alibaba’s Small marketplace within a minute of going on sale, China local media reported, reported Yahoo!

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“I don’t think there’s much of a difference,” said Zhang Ming. “But I always appreciate their products.”

People love iPhone 15 in China

On Friday morning in downtown Beijing, crowds gathered at the flagship Apple store, eager to lay their hands on the latest iPhone. Despite concerns in the market that a surge in nationalistic sentiments might hurt the sales of apple, a U.S. tech giant in China, the crowd was too eager to lay their hands on the latest hardware by Apple.

Apple had success with the iPhone in China

According to CNBC, The day kicked off at 8 a.m., and within 10 minutes, a high number of 25,000 phones were already en route to eager customers. Dada, the delivery service provider, highlighted its expanded collaboration with Apple this year, boasting partnerships with 4,600 authorized Apple retailers in China, a great increase from the 500 retailers in 2020. The big unveiling of the iPhone 15 marked a big moment as Apple went on delivering its latest flagship phone to customers who had pre-ordered days before the official launch. The world has seen Apple as a company that is steady in its commitment to various markets worldwide. Customers’ love shows how big of a player Apple is still in China. Apple’s collaboration with the JD.com delivery app and the big network of authorized retailers showcased its dedication to providing seamless access to its products across China. This approach is by Apple to have a great number of Apple users in China.

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