The Impact of Childhood Mental Health on Young Adult Well-Being

The Impact of Childhood Mental Health on Young Adult Well-Being

Mental health is a serious issue. It is an issue that many people face, and it is something that should be taken care of. Mental health is not limited to just adults but also to children. Children are also victims of mental health issues.

A new study has found something regarding childhood mental health. According to the study, children who have problems with emotional health are susceptible to having difficulties with their well-being after they grow up. RCSI University in Ireland has done the study.

The research was done on many children

The study found that many children aged 9 to 13 had issues with their feelings or behaviors. The study then moved forward with the age of the children and looked at them when they were teens and young adults. The research checked the emotions to know how they affected the other aspects of the life of children, like school results, being alone, and other health-related issues like being obese.

The research looked at the behaviors of children

The study also looked at the psychological behaviors of the children. They checked how much the children had emotional imbalance and bad behavior with others. It showed that children with behavioral issues were likelier to experiment with drugs or heavy drinking. According to Mary Cannon, one of the researchers, if we diagnose children early on with their emotional disbalance, they can get treatment more quickly and efficiently. The study, with its valuable insights, can help in the better handling of mental issues and can give better information about the human brain.

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