Elon Musk: Landing Possible on Red Planet Mars in Next Four Years

Elon Musk: Landing Possible on Red Planet Mars in Next Four Years

Elon Musk has been talking and doing various work in different areas. His Tesla cars have been the pioneer in giving powerful electric cars at a good price. SpaceX is another company of his own that has been revolutionary in its approach. Now, Elon Musk has made a big claim. According to Musk, the dream to land on the surface of Mars will soon be a reality.

As per the original report of The New York Times, Elon Musk made the claim to Clay Mowry, the president of the International Federation, during a one-hour Q & A session. 

Musk talked about landing on Mars

Musk shared this idea while talking at the International Astronautical Congress in Azerbaijan on a video call. He is very positive about the massive ship that SpaceX is making. The goal is to reach Mars by 2027. By sending a spaceship to Mars, other missions like landing a man on Mars can also be done with time

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Landing on Mars is a dream

Landing on Mars has always been a dream like the moon landing was once. While humans achieved the moon landing fairly quickly, landing on Mars has been a great challenge. Many issues have made it far from reality till now. The surface of Mars is not like the moon, and it’s atmosphere is also quite different. While many mars missions have been sent to Mars, including our Mangalyaan, which was a success that proved the capability of ISRO, landing a human on Mars remains a big task. It will be unique to see if Musk is successful in his plans and if we see a landing on Mars.