New AxEMU Suit for NASA’s Artemis mission

New AxEMU Suit for NASA’s Artemis mission

NASA recently launched its new suit for the upcoming Artemis mission. The suit’s been designed and developed by a private company called Axiom space based in Houston, Texas.

The base structure of the suit is taken from the one used in the Apollo mission. AxEMU stands for Axiom extravehicular mobility unit, and it’s been built by James stein, the chief engineer of this suit.

Significance of the suit in space missions

The suits used in space mission has a very high significance of importance, as they are used to maintain the optimum air pressure in the astronaut’s body, or else it can lead to disastrous consequences.

And also it protects the astronauts from space radiation and debris floating around in space. Also, this mission will be a moon landing mission, so the suit will help to get protection from the lunar dust.

What is Artemis mission

According to NASA, this mission will be a moon landing mission, the same as the Apollo mission, but this time first woman and the first person of color will land on the moon’s surface.

They claim to use new technologies and will explore more about the lunar surface. There will be new scientific discoveries and economic opportunities and inspiration for the new generation after this mission. It will be a long-term presence on the moon, and NASA will collaborate with various commercial and international organizations.

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