Watch: American Rapper Sexyy Red Sex Tape Leaked On Instagram

Watch: American Rapper Sexyy Red Sex Tape Leaked On Instagram

Janae Nierah Wherry, an American rapper better known by her professional name Sexyy Red, voiced her displeasure with the internet’s response to her leaked sex tape on her story on Instagram.

Fans Reaction On Sexyy Red’s Accidental Post

Sexyy Red’s fans had a jolt when a strange and upsetting scene featuring the singer appeared on their Instagram feed. On the evening of October 4, Red unintentionally posted her sex clip on her Instagram account, shocking everyone. Plus the video download link was shared on social media sites.

The artist was seen engaging in intimate acts with someone whose name has not yet been established in the dubious IG story, which sent the web into a frenzy.

Even though the Instagram story was later deleted, the harm had already been done because the video had already started to circulate on the internet and become viral.

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Some Believed Sexyy Red’s Post Was Intentional

The internet community reacted quickly to the story, and many even charged the artist with purposely posting the private footage to attract attention. The singer shared her displeasure with people over the accusation on her X Twitter.

Her admirers supported the singer and described it as a mistake in the meantime. People voiced their opinions about the leaked intimate video online. Most people voiced their concerns over the incident, while some claimed that the leak was deliberate.

Others continued to criticize the singer for her recklessness, while many of her fans agreed with her and called it an error.

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