Mahadev Betting App Case: ED Exposes Rs 5000 Crore Illicit Gambling Empire

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The Indian Enforcement Directorate (ED) has uncovered a complex web of illegal offshore gambling operations in its recent investigation into the Mahadev betting app case.

The app, allegedly used for illegal online betting on cricket matches, was run by a Mumbai-based company called Mercury International. 

The ED has found that the company had set up several shell companies and bank accounts in foreign jurisdictions such as Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the UK to launder the proceeds of crime. 

The ED has also identified the masterminds behind the app and the money trail involved in the case. The agency has arrested four people so far and is probing the role of several others, including some celebrities and politicians.

The prime accused, Saurabh Chandrakar, and his associate Ravi Uppal are suspected to have masterminded not one but 60 illicit offshore gambling platforms, including the notorious Mahadev app.

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Expanding Unlawful Operations Beyond Mahadev App

Chandrakar’s illicit empire extended beyond Mahadev, according to a report by the Free Press Journal. He was found to be orchestrating his gambling operations through platforms such as Fair Play and Reddy Anna, even leveraging the promotion of celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor to attract unsuspecting participants.

In addition to the well-known Mahadev, Reddy Anna, and Fair Play, Chandrakar and Uppal were also operating three other online gambling platforms: Laser Book, Tiger Exchange, and Lotus 365.

Laser Book and Its Partner Apps

Laser Book serves as a subsidiary gambling platform to the Mahadev app. During the investigation, it was discovered that Laser Book was operating in collaboration. It was connected as a partner to several other betting apps, including 99 Exchange, 11x Play, Play 247win, and LC Play 247. These apps, in turn, were subsidiary apps of Chandrakar’s betting app.

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Prominent Figures in Promotion

Prominent figures such as choreographer Farah Khan and actresses Kajal Aggarwal, Sunny Leone, Sohfi Chaudhry, and Krystal Dsouza were implicated in promoting these gambling platforms. They enticed potential users with promises, including the assurance of withdrawing winnings in just two minutes.

Tiger Exchange is endorsed by actor Nil Nitin Mukesh, comedian Krishna, actress Nia Sharma, and cricketer Sikander Raza, employing the same modus operandi.

Lotus 365 claims that actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui serves as the brand ambassador of its app, and it is registered with a casino license.

ED officials reported that all these apps share similar applications but have different domain names. Chandrakar’s motive appears to be to make betting accessible to anyone from anywhere.

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