Kulhad Pizza Couple MMS Leak: Claiming It Was A Fake Video, The Couple Asked Not To Share The Clip

Kulhad Pizza Couple MMS Leak: Claiming It Was A Fake Video

The viral video purporting to show the Kulhad Pizza couple in a compromising position has prompted them to ask for public support. They assert that the video was a component of an attempt at extortion, which they declined to comply with. They have asked for privacy and have reported the event to the police.

Kulhad Pizza Couple’s Private Video Leak

When a couple from Ludhiana’s private video became viral on social media, their suddenly gained notoriety took a tragic turn. The MMS clip has been making the rounds on Telegram and WhatsApp. Numerous individuals are also searching and sharing download links on Facebook and X. The shocked reactions sparked conversations on the unexpected incident involving the viral pair.

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Culprit Behind Kulhad Pizza Couple’s MMS Leak

An ex-employee involved in the incident was arrested as a result of the incident and the legal action that followed. This person, a former employee of the couple’s pizzeria, is said to have posted the private footage on social media after being fired for subpar work.

 Kulhad Pizza Viral Couple

Citing pertinent provisions of the IT Act and the Indian Penal Code, a formal complaint was filed. YouTuber Karan Dutta has also been accused by Sehaj Arora of designing the entire scheme.

Sehaj Arora courageously came forward as a response to the widely shared video breach, disclosing a personal hardship. He revealed that his recently pregnant wife is suffering from despair as a result of the uproar. In addition to claiming that editing and AI were used to construct the aforementioned private video, Sehaj begged his fans and followers for assistance during this trying period.

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See this Instagram video by @sehaj_arora_:

Sehaj Arora claims on social media that Al altered the video, but many people don’t believe him. Many viewers drew attention to the leaked video’s similarities and how the couple’s backdrop matched their vlogs.

Nonetheless, a lot of online users are now endorsing the pair, saying that regardless of whether the video is real or not, people ought to stop disseminating it reports Times Now.

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