‘One Piece’ Chapter 1094: Secret Behind The Yokai Fruits Of The Five Elders Revealed

'One Piece' Chapter 1094: Secret Behind The Yokai Fruits Of The Five Elders Revealed

The newest chapter of “One Piece” came out with an unprecedented surprise that no fan had expected. We were unclear about the powers of the Five Elders in the One Piece series, but now we have some clue as to the extent of their powers.

In chapter 1094, St. Jaygarcia Saturn, regarded as the warrior God of Science and Defense, goes out for the first time in the series.

This scene has amazed the fans and theorists, and now they are trying to investigate further the new form of Jaygarcia Saturn and the abilities and powers of the Five Elders.

The Theories Behind The Devil Fruits Of The Five Elders

Most experts agree that Saturn has the potential to transform into a Ushi Oni due to consuming a Zoan Devil Fruit. The Ushi Oni is a creature characterized by a like head and a spider-like body commonly found in Japanese folklore.

In Japanese tales, the Ushi Oni is described as a yokai or demon featuring traits such as an ox-like face with horns and a spider-like abdomen with six legs. This description aligns with Saturn’s appearance when he awakens his Zoan form.

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While we have some knowledge about one of the Five Elders’s abilities, information about the four remains limited to the silhouette. These images fail to capture the essence of their personalities. 

What’s The Secret Behind The Silhouette?

On the side of the figure, you can spot Saturn’s awakened eyes and horns. Following that, there is a face, a being resembling a mix of human and dragon or bird-like features, and finally, a silhouette of what seems to be a creature with tentacles.

Some people believe that St. Marcus Mars is the individual who consumed the Mythical Furaribi fruit. The Five Elders have been associated with the five planets known to astronomers for centuries.

Each planet carries the name of one of the five elements, symbolizing their connection. St. Jaygarcia Saturn represents the Earth element. He is revered as the Warrior God of Science and Defense. In contrast, Furaribi’s name literally translates to the Japanese character for fire (ふらり火), which is similar to Mars (火星).

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