‘Given’ anime: Sequel film release date confirmed

'Given' anime: Sequel film release date confirmed

The “Given” anime will be having a two-part movie as per it’s official website where this news was delivered on October 20, 2023. They have even released the date for the first part of the movie. The Part 1 of the movie will premiere on January 27, 2024. 

The key visuals have also been released and fans were thrilled by watching Shizusumi Yagi and Hiiragi Kashima who were encircled by musical instruments. The visuals provide a brief overview of the movie but the fans of this anime have gone insane with all the excitement for the next chapters.

“Given” anime sequel: Adapting the sixth and the seventh volumes of the manga

The title of the movie “Given: Hiragi Mix” suggests that it will delve into the story covered in volumes 6 and 7 of Natsuki Kizu’s manga series. 

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These specific volumes are important because they shine a spotlight on Hiiragi Kashima, who plays a role as the Mafuyu Satous childhood friend.

Fans will have the opportunity to explore the background and dynamics that shape the story of the series. This decision to adapt these volumes ensures an in depth exploration of the characters and their relationships.

SuBLime, an imprint of Viz Media, has recently unveiled a summary for volumes 6 and 7. The synopsis promises an enthralling narrative that delves into the dynamics of friendship and the world of music. It’s bound to captivate readers who are seeking a story.

“Given” the opportunity to create their debut album, the members of the band find themselves faced with a decision. Whether or not to pursue fame and success. While Ritsuka is enthusiastic, in favor of it Mafuyu remains uncertain. 

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Ritsuka grows frustrated with Mafuyu’s indecisiveness. Decides to join forces with Hiragi, a rival from his past. However Hiragi encounters difficulties within his band due to issues with his bandmate Shizusumi.

Characters list of “Given” 

Here’s the complete list of all the characters and their cast members for the two-part sequel film:


Voice Artist 
Haruki NakayamaMasatomo Nakazawa
Mafuyu SatouShougo Yano
Akihiko KajiTakuya Eguchi
Ritsuka UenoyamaYuuma Uchida
Hiiragi KashimaFumiya Imai
Shizusumi YagiTaito Ban
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