‘Blue Lock’ Chapter 238 Spoilers: Center of the World

'Blue Lock' Chapter 238 Spoilers: Center of the World

The latest chapter 238 will be a follow up on the development of Isagi and Hiori. The “Blue Lock” chapter 238 spoilers reveals that the chapter sees the end of the match against the Ubers that has been running for almost 30 chapters.

In the previous chapter we saw developments in Hiori and how he got in sync with Isagi. Now the latest chapter shows how the perfect sync of Hiori and Isagi made them  “Center of the World.” This led to an instinctual gameplay with an amazing goal. This scene was a reminiscence of Sae Itoshi and Ryusei Shidou’s super goal during the U-20 arc.

Isagi and Hiori become the “Center of the World”

In the chapter of “Blue Lock” titled “Dreamers ” the story continues from where it left off. Ikki Niko realizes that trying to defend Hiori one on one is futile so he decides to accelerate past him. Surprisingly Hiori manages to resist the temptation to shoot and evades both Niko and Lorenzo.

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As Hiori keeps eluding them Lorenzo joins in the pursuit after spotting an opportunity for Hiori to score. Thinking he has control of the ball Lorenzo underestimates Hioris skill as he expertly flicks it into the air and passes it to Isagi.

When Barou finally confronts Hiori he confidently claims that he can anticipate all of Hiori’s moves. To add insult to injury Barou mocks Hiori by suggesting that he is powerless, without Isagi. Meanwhile Aryuu notices Hiori’s intention to pass the ball to Isagi and closely marks him throughout.

“Blue Lock” chapter 238 spoilers

The “Blue Lock” chapter 238 spoilers show how Kaiser sensed the pass from Hiori and quickly moved towards Isagi. However Aiku positioned behind Aryuu was determined to block Kaiser’s plan as he was aware of what Kaiser had in mind.

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Hiori expressed to Barou that he found him a bit slow and mentioned having an image of where Isagi would be. Meanwhile Isagi successfully bypassed Aryuu, Aiku and Kaiser continued running towards the goal.

Aiku noticed that Hiori wasn’t even looking at Isagi but playing purely by instinct. With confidence Hiori made the pass believing that Isagi would be there if they were both players.

Isagi made a goal by taking a shot completely bypassing Ubers defense. The chapter concluded with Hiori reflecting on how he and Isagi will confront the aspirations in the world and eventually reunite in their dream.

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